3. Reinforcement

Reinforcements can be added to your selected cross sections in the rebar tab. In this input tab the amount of reinforcement and the type of reinforcement material can be selected or customised to your preferences. Both the amount of reinforcement layers as the amount of reinforcement materials in a cross section are not limited.

3.1. Reinforcement rows

The amount of reinforcement is set with reinforcement rows. Every row represents a layer of reinforcement in the cross section. If you need reinforcement in the top and the bottom of the beam, two layers, thus two reinforcement rows are needed.

The input field of a rebar row is shown below.


Rebar row input

Every row requires the following input:

Input field Note
Number of bars
Amount of bars in that layer.
Distance to the top of the cross section
Measured until the center of the layer.
Moment at placement
The bending moment active when the
reinforcement is activated. Used for phased
loading or CFRP.
Rebar material diagram
Type of stress strain diagram defined in
this tab.

3.2. Materials

Different reinforcement materials can be added following the same rules as applied in Materials

The preset reinforcement materials are:

Standard reinforcement steel

  • B500
  • B400

Prestressing steel

  • Y1860
  • Y1770
  • Y1670

(Carbon) Fibre Reinforced Polymer

  • CFRP

If a non-standard material is required. The material diagrams can be customised.