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Moment Curvature diagrams [MN-Kappa]

A multi-purpose moment curvature calculator.

Moment curvature diagrams are used in Civil Engineering for determining the stiffness and capacity of reinforced concrete. The current online version is capable of:

  • Various cross sections
  • Hollow cross sections
  • Custom material properties
  • Phased reinforcement application
  • CFRP reinforced concrete
  • Prestressed steel reinforcement
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete
  • Bending moment - curvature interaction diagram
  • Axial force - bending moment interaction diagram

Take a look at the documentation!

Add a cross section

Cross section type Rotation

Subtract a cross section

The polygon that is subtracted should be completely included in the main cross section.

Compression stress-strain-diagram

Material Material factor

Tensile stress-strain-diagram

Material factor