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Ritchie Vink
Structural engineer and code enthusiast.

My name is Ritchie Vink. I started this site because I wanted to learn more about the web. After some time tinkering with the web server and some code projects I also started blogging about things I learned or found interesting.

In my daily work I combine programming and machine learning with and civil engineering. I focus mainly on utilizing computational power to do some cool things, or at least just automate the boring stuff.

This site also hosts some of the code projects I've been working on in my spare time.

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Online M-N-Kappa calculator

A multi-purpose moment curvature calculator. This is mostly used in Civil Engineering for determining the stiffness and capacity of reinforced concrete cross sections under different load magnitudes. The current online version is capable of calculating various cross sections, various materials, prestressed steel, carbon fibre reinforced concrete and more as you can customize as you prefer.

First Order Reliability Method

Determine the α-values corresponding to NEN-EN 1991 for a certain failure function.

Batched minimum required column dimensions

Maybe it will finished someday

2D Frameworks and Trusses

A 2D Finite Element Methods (for Frameworks and Trusses) package for Python and Jupyter notebooks. This package can be found on Github.